Vision, Mission and Motto


True to the vision of St. Magdalene, Canossian Educators, have a passion to ensure that : human beings enjoy their dignity of being children of God.


Integral formation by our approach of moral, intellectual, physical and social formation of the individual child irrespective of religion,caste, race, language and social status.


Logo / Emblem

School Emblem and Motto: “Through Effort to Success”

The School motto reminds us to make good use of God given gifts of mind, heart and body.

The logo on our school emblem through effort to success is an invitation to every canossian student to reach out with devotion and determination, to follow the star that beckons us towards perfection and the ultimate truth – God himself. We keep in mind the reality of our talents and limitations, that like rays, light up our path, calling us to rise up, to scale great heights, to unfold and blossom forth towards the pinnacle- our success springing from sincere effort, blessed by God thus holding aloft our banner, graced with an immortal and eternal name CANOSSA.