Parent Teachers Association

At the start of the academic term , the PTA is formed for the academic term. A parent from each class voluntarily joins the Association. Six meetings are held during the academic term. With the support of all the members, the PTA plays a vital role in the life of the school.

The following are the Primary School P.T.A representative for the year 2014 – 15 :-

I-A Crizane D’souza 9820235126 / 9819032334
I-B Samaira Santis  8289953990
I-C Leonard S. Mendes  9819789525
II-A Jacqueline Sebasthan  9619124656
II-B Smita M. Sutar 9820115378
II-C Bushna Shaikh 9594908075 / 9029011211
III-A Jennifer Rodrigues  9833741206
III-B Agnelo Dmello  9870006574 / 7710989177
III-C Indrajit Saha  9819034595
IV-A Sandhya D’costa 9004590938
IV-B Ramkesh Choudhary 99671335607
IV-C Loveleena D’souza  9967135607